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Which Carpentry to Choose? A Guide to Choosing Carpentry

We have witnessed many technological advances over the past 20 years. Along with the development of technology, there was also the appearance of different types of carpentry made of different materials, with many different characteristics and possibilities, as well as purposes. If you are in doubt about which carpentry to choose, this article is a definitive guide for choosing carpentry and was created with the aim of easing your dilemma about choosing the right type of carpentry.

U ovom praktičnom vodiču pokrivat ćemo sljedeće teme:

  • Types of carpentry
  • Advantages and disadvantages of wooden carpentry
  • Advantages and disadvantages of ALU joinery
  • Advantages and disadvantages of PVC joinery
  • Seeking consultation with experts

Types of carpentry

We distinguish 3 types of carpentry against 3 types of basic materials from which they are produced, as well as one subcategory that is a combination of 2 different materials:

Advantages and disadvantages of wooden carpentry

Wood is a material that has been used since ancient times in all possible spheres of life, including in the production of carpentry. Wooden carpentry is the oldest and best-known type of carpentry and has been maintaining its standard for many years. Wooden joinery is special in that it provides a feeling of homeliness and warmth. It has been proven that wooden joinery has a positive effect on the mood in any room where it is located.

Double-glazed wooden carpentry
Triple-glazed wooden carpentry
Triple-glazed wooden carpentry

The disadvantages of wooden carpentry are primarily reflected in several things such as:

  • Wood has the ability to absorb moisture and thereby affects the overall dimensions of the joinery, that is, it leads to distortion and shrinkage of the joinery over time.
  • The general price of wooden carpentry is high, so if you have extra money and want a homely look, then wooden carpentry is your choice.
  • Wood is exposed to various pests, so the maintenance of wooden carpentry is demanding and difficult.

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Advantages and disadvantages of ALU joinery

ALU joinery has become a real hit in the last few years. Especially when it comes to innovations in the field of thermal insulation. Namely, ALU carpentry used to have the property of being a very poor thermal insulator. However, everything changed when manufacturers such as FEAL and their TERMO aluminum profiles with an interrupted thermal bridge, which means that they prevent the heat from escaping outside the room. Also, ALU carpentry has an almost unlimited palette of colors, and fits perfectly into modern buildings and facilities, providing a minimalist look and elegance.

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The disadvantages of ALU carpentry are reflected in several things:

  • The costs are generally higher compared to PVC carpentry
  • Compared to PVC carpentry, it has less thermal insulation (although technological innovations have made a lot of progress in this field, it must still be mentioned).
  • If it is exposed to frequent and strong effects of moisture, there is a risk of corrosion, which in itself makes maintenance difficult and spoils the general appearance.

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Advantages and disadvantages of PVC carpentry

PVC carpentry is a type of carpentry that definitely dominates in all fields when it comes to advantages. Plastic frames are extremely durable and can last even over 50 years. The maintenance is very easy, the insulation properties are ideal, and they can also be found in various colors and shapes. The low price is, of course, what gives the most importance to this type of carpentry.

With everything mentioned, when it comes to the disadvantages of PVC joinery, there are very few of them:

  • Lighter frame choices get dirty easily
  • They are not produced from natural raw materials
  • The frame is much thicker compared to ALU carpentry and thus loses its appearance and elegance
  • Compared to ALU carpentry, they have less window visibility

It is important to note that PVC carpentry has great energy efficiency. Find out more about the energy efficiency of our PVC carpentry on the blog: Energy efficiency with KÖMMERLING window and door systems

Seeking consultation with experts

If you are wondering which carpentry to choose, one of the best ways to make the right choice is to consult with experts in that field. Nurkovic Company is a company that has many years of experience in the production and installation of ALU and PVC carpentry, and during the time so far we have gained a lot of experience and solved a large number of problems that our customers faced, especially when it comes to which carpentry to choose.

If you have any doubts about choosing the right joinery, we advise you to contact us for a free consultation by phone:
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