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Advantages and Disadvantages of PVC and ALU Windows

It’s a long-standing argument about which is better. Homeowners can have a difficult choice when considering purchasing new windows. You want to buy windows, but you are not sure what type of window-making material to choose. In this text, find out which material for making windows is more suitable for you.

Durability of PVC windows compared to aluminum windows

PVC windows are very durable and resistant to rust. This means that they have a rot-resistant material. They are characterized by a long lifespan and very little maintenance. Over the years, frames will deteriorate, but at a much slower pace than wooden windows. Aluminum is not a very durable material, but high-quality aluminum windows can last for several years because they do not degrade in the same way as PVC windows. Unlike other metals, aluminum will not rust. It means that in the future you will not have to worry about whether your window frames will have unsightly rust spots.

PVC window

Energy efficiency of aluminum windows compared to PVC windows

Poor thermal efficiency is one of the reasons why aluminum was considered less desirable than PVC in the past. Aluminum is a highly conductive material, which means that it is very easy for heat to transfer from the inside to the outside and vice versa. Unlike PVC, aluminum was seen for some time as a thermally inefficient option for windows. During the last few decades, technology has advanced a lot. Today, aluminum windows and doors have revolutionary thermal breaks within the frame, preventing too much heat from escaping.

Safety of PVC and aluminum windows

Both aluminum and PVC windows are very safe due to their solid design. They are significantly more secure than wooden windows which, if broken, can be vulnerable to forced entry. The level of protection offered by a window appears to depend on the quality of the locks installed with it. Whether you opt for aluminum or PVC, you can rest assured that your windows will be protected with new multi-point security locks.

ALU window

Differences in sound insulation between PVC and aluminum windows

One of the advantages of PVC windows over aluminum is that the sound insulation seems to be a bit stronger. This is not to say that aluminum windows are bad for soundproofing, but when it comes to shutting out outside noise, PVC wins slightly.

Perceptual differences between aluminum and PVC windows

The elegant style they offer is one of the reasons why aluminum windows have grown in popularity in recent years. Aluminum window frames can be much thinner than PVC. Giving them the clean, minimal look that modern homes are so popular for. Another benefit of thin window frames is that they improve window visibility. You might like this feature of aluminum windows if your home overlooks a beautiful view.

These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of PVC and ALU windows.

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