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ALU Windows and Their Advantages

When it comes to choosing windows, we always hesitate about two options: ALU windows or PVC windows?

In this article, we will present the main advantages of aluminum windows compared to PVC windows. So let’s start!

ALU windows have a solid and strong frame

Aluminum windows are inherently much stronger and sturdier than PVC windows. Aluminum is resistant to corrosion, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time on maintenance. You will not have to change them for years, and with the new technological innovations that this type of carpentry has undergone, Aluminum windows will provide excellent thermal insulation.

Alu windows

High energy efficiency

The thermal break in ALU systems will ensure that outside temperatures cannot affect the aluminum surface, preventing it from becoming a source of heat loss for your house. Most ALU profiles have thermal breaks.

ALU windows have an elegant and beautiful material

The beautiful and elegant material of ALU windows is the main reason why aluminum windows are mainly installed in business premises and modern houses and apartments. With the unlimited color palette offered by ALU profiles, you will be able to fit them into any environment.

ALU windows have a higher load capacity

Unlike all other types of windows, aluminum windows have the highest load capacity. With its strength and stability, it can carry large panels of glass. This is why aluminum windows are ideal for surfaces that are glazed with large glass surfaces.

Unlimited choice of colors

Aluminum windows come in an almost unlimited choice of colors. We recommend you to read our article: KÖMMERLING asortiman boja