Glass fences

Production of glass fences

What to expect from glass fences?

Glass fences are increasingly available both indoors and outdoors. The reason for this is the material used, which is best known for its ability to adapt to any environment, color and shape with its transparency.
With its transparency (or different colors), glass visually creates a feeling of openness and freedom, regardless of the fact that it physically limits the space.

It does not dominate with its presence, fulfills a certain function and makes the room modern. The customer is offered a wide range of different glasses, all in accordance with personal preferences or space.
The safety of the fence itself is also not in question, because the glass hardens during the tempering and / or lamination process, which makes it an incomparably unique solution for fences.

Advantages of glass fences

The first thing that dominates most about structural fences is the minimalist approach. A glass fence that has no other elements than the support in the ground makes this type of fence the most elegant solution for indoor and outdoor surfaces. Visually, it best adapts to any environment, seamlessly blends into any style and stands out with its unobtrusive nature. In many cases, it is not necessary to drill the glass. Structural railings can offer more options like handrails on top of the glass.

The glass is tempered or laminated, it can be tinted, frosted or in different colors if necessary. Structural railings can be installed on most surfaces, such as balconies, hallways and stairs, so this option is sure to be popular in today's modern design and is sure to dominate regardless of weather conditions.