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Energy Efficiency With KÖMMERLING Window and Door Systems

The energy efficiency of all devices is of crucial importance today due to the preservation of the environment and financial savings. Energy is expensive and getting more so. A good enough reason to start saving where it really counts: heating. Find out below how you can save using KÖMMERLING window and door systems.

What is energy efficiency?

The sum of planned and implemented measures aimed at using the minimum possible amount of energy so that the level of comfort and the rate of production are preserved. Put simply, energy efficiency means using a smaller amount of energy (energy) to perform the same work (heating or cooling a space, lighting, production of various products, driving a vehicle, etc.). By the term energy efficiency, we mean efficient use of energy in all sectors of final energy consumption: industry, transport, service activities, agriculture and households.

Energy efficiency KÖMMERLING

It is important to point out that energy efficiency should not be seen as energy saving. Saving always implies certain sacrifices, while efficient use of energy never impairs working and living conditions. Furthermore, improving the efficiency of energy consumption does not only imply the application of technical solutions.

Moreover, any technology and technical equipment, no matter how effective it is, loses its quality if there are no educated people who will know how to use it in the most effective way possible. Therefore, it can be said that energy efficiency is primarily a matter of people’s awareness and their will to change established habits towards more energy efficient solutions, rather than complex technical solutions.

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Efficiency of the KÖMMERLING system

The German energy agency Dena calculated that modern, narrow windows, efficient heating technology and an insulated envelope drastically reduce energy consumption. Savings on heating costs can reach a five-figure amount in ten to fifteen years! Only replacing old windows with modern, insulated PVC-U systems can achieve significant savings in heating costs.

Energy efficiency

Windows make up a good third of the facade. They define how much heat remains indoors. For example, in a family house, heat loss through the windows can amount to 40% of the total heating energy. Old windows let in the most energy losses, which are about four to ten times higher than windows with thermal insulating glass. Rule of thumb: Windows installed before 1995 no longer meet the growing demands for energy-saving, insulated homes. So there is huge savings potential here.

  • High insulation side gasket system with 76 mm depth.
  • Uf – value = 1.1 W/(m2K).
  • An extensive range of glazing up to 48 mm, for the use of modern triple glazing or special glasses.
  • Utilization of solar gains
  • The most modern gluing technology.

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