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Qualities That Distinguish KÖMMERLING Carpentry

KÖMMERLING is a window and door system that already meets future requirements. In short, it provides maximum security for the future.
This ultra-modern window and door system is also made to meet quality standards to ensure durability, plus easy maintenance and care. Give yourself and your family security for the future with
excellent window: KÖMMERLING.

KÖMMERLING design house

Better design

Rational and linear profiles in a wide range of colors with full Uni colors,
Metallic colors, in wood texture or with aluminum outer coverings.

The geometry of the profile is designed with optimal isothermal characteristics, calculated according to the latest methods, for exceptional thermal insulation, sound insulation and optimal stability of the profile.

Better thermal insulation

KÖMMERLING 88 made the passive house window it’s standard. Also available are versions with highly insulated profiles – proEnergyTec.

Compatibility for passive houses according to ift directive WA-15/2.

Excellent thermal insulation values:

  • Uf – worth profile = 0.95 W/(m2K)
  • Uw – value windows up to 0.72 W/(m2K).
  • A wide range of glazing options up to a thickness of 56 mm, from triple glazing to special functional glasses.
  • Laminated films in wood structure, Uni or Metallic color or classic white frame color.

The highest thermal insulation values are achieved if the frame and wing are filled with
proEnergyTec foam.

Better sound insulation

Excellent noise protection with high-quality sound-insulating glass. KÖMMERLING’s energy efficiency and sound insulation values are already significantly better than comparable systems.

Enjoy peace and quiet with KÖMMERLING 88. The high level of sound insulation excludes loud noise, even when the building is located on a busy street.

This is achieved with a 7-chamber design and a large chamber for reinforcements in the profile, innovative sealing technology, sound-insulating glasses, and professional installation.

Better security

Perfect for installing security fittings, devices, and anti-burglary services.

Burglary figures continue to rise dramatically. KÖMMERLING has integrated burglary protection for you and your family.

The system is designed for easy and economical adaptation to your individual security needs.

Greater flexibility

KÖMMERLING is a complete window and door system based on a modular concept and efficient superstructure technologies, so that it can be flexibly adapted to your requirements.

Easier maintenance

High-quality surfaces that are incredibly easy to clean.


Higher market value

Durable quality and environmentally friendly PVC sustainably increase the value of your property.

Better stability

Optimally dimensioned steel reinforcements provide perfect window statics. With AluClip Pro, the aluminum lining performs the function of metal reinforcement.

Maximum dimensioned metal reinforcements guarantee high functional reliability and enable the profile to be used for windows and swing doors up to 2.5 m high.

Better sealing

3 levels of sealing and innovative gaskets in the seam keep out drafts, dust, and rain outside and provide optimal thermal insulation.

Three levels of sealing – using a central seal and an innovative seal in the fold of the wing guarantee excellent protection against rain, optimal wind protection and exceptional sound insulation.

Better ventilation

KÖMMERLING has an optimized ventilation program that provides a perfect indoor climate.

Greater comfort of use

Designed to incorporate the latest hardware technology for easy opening and closing. Concealed fittings are also possible, in order to meet the highest aesthetic requirements.

Terrace of the house