Production of parallel systems PremiFold 70 mm

Production and installation of the PremiFold 70 mm system

In terms of production technology, the revolutionary PremiFold door system is impressive. It is a sliding and pivoting door system that is PAS 24 certified and supports Document Q for the contemporary home.

PremiFold is the latest in a series of product innovations from Kömmerling. It's easy to figure out how to open windows and doors to increase ventilation without compromising safety. It is a sliding and revolving door system that is simple and easy to use.


With Greenline Compound, which was developed more than 12 years ago and is used on all PVC profiles, Kömmerling and its parent company Profine Group are leaders in Europe. With over 40 rich colors and realistic wood beads, there are a variety of surfaces that enhance the PremiFold window and door system and make it a must-have for any home, apartment or business.

PremiFold uses the existing C70 and O70 Gold® profiles.
There are no visible hinges or hardware.
Contains double and triple glazing.
Can achieve long ranges.
The single leg glass bead is very secure and easy to install on site.
Steel reinforcement is used when necessary to provide additional structural strength.
Door solution certified for PAS 24 and document Q.