Parallel sliding doors

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Production and installation of parallel sliding doors

Versatile opening options

Stable profile section with excellent statics for a long service life

Individually determined dimensions: sheet sizes depending on the system up to 1.80 m wide x 2.50 m high

Excellent thermal and sound insulation properties

Solid lead-free PVC profiles stabilized with environmentally friendly calcium zinc

The connection between the house and the garden

It's never too late to make your living environment more beautiful, cozy and comfortable. Parallel sliding and tilting doors are particularly useful for adaptations. With a slim profile, it can be easily integrated into the existing building situation.

Parallel sliding and sliding doors are an ideal addition to proven lifting and sliding doors for smaller sliding elements.

In contrast, the wings of parallel tilting and sliding doors can be brought into an inclined position and thus ensure very high strength. This affects thermal and sound insulation.

  1. Sliding position
    The sliding wing is parked parallel and pushed to the side. You can effortlessly open the living space to the garden.
  2. Tipping order
    The sliding sash can be tilted against the storm to ventilate the room, but it is protected from opening from the outside.
  3. Locking
    In this position, the sliding leaf is completely locked by the central lock.

Opening methods: