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KÖMMERLING Range of Colors

Color plays an important role in the world we live in. It is hard to imagine life without colors. Find out which KÖMMERLING color range is available for KÖMMERLING windows and doors here.


KÖMMERLING windows and residential doors are available in white, along with a range of wood finishes and plain colors. You can choose a plain color or wood texture for the outside, and a neutral white or wood texture for the inside.

Wood grains with a relief surface

Golden oak, Walnut, Sapeli
  • Golden oak
    Spectacular texture with expressive large patterns and a rich range of shades allow you to create vivid interiors/exteriors in various styles. Natural surface relief. The combination of honey and caramel shades with the color of burnt sugar looks very impressive.
  • Walnut
    This color has a positive effect on a person’s mental state. The brown color itself refers to warm tones in the color scheme, so it has a corresponding effect on the psycho-emotional state. Its use in the interior/exterior of the apartment will create a feeling of comfort, warmth, and security.
  • Sapeli
    This color gives the atmosphere of a festive look and at the same time creates a light image of the reflection of comfort. It goes well with other wood colors – dark, white oak, and various walnuts in “rustic style”.

Plain colors with a relief surface

Antracite grey, Basalt grey, Quartz grey
  • Anthracite gray
    Anthracite is a hard mineral composed of different types of coal, but unfortunately, it is becoming more and more difficult to find in nature because it is becoming scarcer. The color of this coal, which could be debated for a long time, whether it is actually gray or black, has become synonymous with both modern and classic, or what would be said – “anthracite is the new black”.
  • Basalt gray
    Modern gray with a neutral cast.
  • Quartz gray

Plain colors with a smooth surface

Slate grey smooth, Anthracite grey smooth, Anthracite grey smooth
  • Gray smooth slate
  • Anthracite gray smooth, smooth matte surface
    Since gray is a mixture of achromatic colors (black and white), it is an excellent background or detail that can be perfectly paired with all other colors.
  • Anthracite Ulti Matt
    Both last season and this season, anthracite was mentioned more and more often as a trendy design, and its time is yet to come when it comes to architecture, construction, design and home decoration.

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