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Sliding window/door system. There are many types of comfort. With KÖMMERLING PremiLine, the new, extremely quiet sliding system, you will learn something more. Comfort has many faces, for example when the sliding system opens and closes. Its precision fits make it extremely quiet and easy to use.

Quiet. Long-lasting. Safe.

These profiles ensure that the sliding elements move almost in perfect silence, which is the result of the high stability of the window and door leaf.
Thanks to the excellent static properties of the basic design, KÖMMERLING PremiLine sliding elements also provide a high level of safety.

And since the PremiLine sliding elements also show a particularly long service life, you can safely sit back and now enjoy greater comfort when your KÖMMERLING PremiLine sliding elements run on high-quality stainless steel tracks – Silently. Long-lasting. Safe.

Enjoy the best views

Whether wide or tall – thanks to PremiLine profiles, also generous dimensions are now possible on sliding doors:
the optimal frame for a magnificent view.

Sliding doors are an important element of the design of your house and home. PremiLine profiles give the sliding elements an attractive, distinctive look – thanks to the double-beveled wing profiles.

PremiLine sliding doors

The steel reinforcement and the aluminum reinforced central part provide convincing static properties, also for the generous dimensioning of the sliding elements. A range of sash frames are available for different installation conditions. So you can enjoy maximum freedom when dimensioning the height and width of your door.


PremiLine sliding door elements


Recognizable, two-spoke wing profiles with seals in black or light gray.


There are many possible types of glazing to choose from. And of course, split sliding elements can also be fitted with Georgian bars. Special functional glazing is possible with glasses up to 28 mm thick.


At your request, a mailbox door can be integrated into your PremiLine sliding compartment

Matching look

In addition to the white color, PremiLine is also available in a laminated version. You can choose between wood grain and exterior color – with a neutral white interior – or wood grain exterior and interior.