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PremiLine Sliding Windows/Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are an important style element for designing your house and home. PremiLine profiles give sliding doors an attractive, distinctive look – thanks to the double-beveled leaf profiles. The steel reinforcements and the aluminum-reinforced central part provide convincing static properties, also for the generous dimensioning of the sliding elements. A range of frame frames are available for different installation conditions. So you can enjoy maximum freedom when dimensioning the height and width of the door.

PremiLine door
PremiLine door

In addition to size and shape, especially the color and elegance of the material play a vital role. PremiLine provides you with all the design potential you need for the optimal realization of your architectural ideas. The range extends from classic white to laminate in wooden branches and plain colors. Explore the range of flexible combinations and you will find the right color scheme for your home!

This system also sets an example from an ecological point of view – the KÖMMERLING brand was the first key manufacturer in the world to produce profiles not only with sanded material in intact window PVC, but also exclusively with lead-free PVC based on “green” calcium stabilizers and zinc. This guarantees that those who use KÖMMERLING products are also working to protect the environment.

Characteristics of PremiLine sliding windows and doors

Here are some key features of PremiLine sliding systems:

  • The sliding elements are extremely quiet and smooth.
  • Extremely long-lasting thanks to minimal wear.
  • Profiles and frames provide a high level of security.
  • Larger window surfaces and sliding elements can also be realized.
  • The central part is reinforced with aluminum with a pull-through.
  • Distinctive design with seals in black or light gray.
  • Available in a wide variety of installation options and colors.
  • All PVC-U profiles are produced with lead stabilizers based on calcium and zinc.

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Nurkovic Company is a proud partner of the KOMMERLING brand. If you are interested in our koemmerling sliding systems, please contact us!