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How Long Do PVC Windows Last?

Is your home struggling to keep warm? Have you noticed a significant increase in your electricity bill because you are constantly trying to keep your home warm? Are the insides of your windows often wet from condensation, especially in the morning? Have you noticed drafts or cold spots around your windows or window frames? Do you have problems with windows getting stuck? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s probably time to replace your windows.

How long will replacement PVC windows last?

So you’ve decided to replace your existing windows. You will now want to ensure that your new investment gives you the best value for money over a significant period of time. You’ve done some research to try to find out more about the durability and long-term performance levels of PVC windows, but haven’t been able to find a definitive answer. Fortunately, at Nurkovic Company, we have installed thousands of PVC windows and fully understand how they can help improve your home.

When you choose our windows, for the delivery and installation of your new PVC windows, you get a guaranteed product guarantee. This helps you, the customer, to be sure that your investment is sound and that your new windows are covered in the unlikely event that they do not meet your expectations.

Your new PVC windows may have a warranty of many years, but they have a much longer lifespan. In our experience, professionally installed, high-quality PVC windows (or PVC doors) can last more than 20 years without losing their insulating capacity. This is double the warranty period and a significant amount of time for any home improvement product.

Advantages of installing new PVC windows

Replacing windows is a great way to improve your home. Now that you know they will last for the foreseeable future, let’s look at some of their other benefits. You will be “comfortable” with new PVC windows from our production.

A warmer, more energy efficient home

  • Better home security means peace of mind that you are protected and potential reductions in home insurance premiums
  • A low-maintenance finish that is both durable and weather-resistant
  • Added value to your home – great if you’re planning to sell, and also a good investment for the future
  • A more attractive appearance of your home

As you can see, new PVC windows bring a number of advantages. If you would like to learn more about window replacement, contact us today.

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