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Advantages of PVC Windows

PVC Windows are one of the most common options and for a reason. We will list a few of their main advantages.

PVC windows

PVC windows are number one in energy efficiency

The window frame plays a decisive role in promoting energetic and cost-effective thermal insulation. Window profiles made of PVC give the highest ratings compared to aluminum or wooden windows. They have better insulation values and can reduce energy and heating costs. The energy-saving potential is especially great when PVC window frames are used in the passive house standard. Today, passive house windows can be produced efficiently and cost-effectively using state-of-the-art PVC profiles and the now quite common triple glazing.

PVC windows have a very good price-benefit ratio

PVC windows offer clear advantages in terms of costs, both in procurement and throughout the entire life cycle. Wooden frames are about 20-30% more expensive than PVC profiles, and aluminum windows cost 30% more and are again the most expensive alternative. Based on the high potential for energy savings and minimal maintenance over the entire working life of more than 50 years, costs are also saved in the long term.

PVC windows are easy to maintain

High-quality PVC windows are extremely easy to maintain and require minimal maintenance. Wooden windows, on the other hand, must be glazed every two years and painted every 5 years. The most modern PVC granule is extremely resistant to weather conditions and resistant to light. To clean the window frames, all you need is dishwashing liquid due to the properties of the smooth, easy-to-maintain profiled surfaces.

PVC windows are extremely durable

Unlike wooden windows, PVC windows have a particularly long service life. High
Quality windows stand out for their resistance to distortion and high level of functionality for years and years. Based on the long service life of at least 50 years, PVC windows are an excellent investment, also in terms of maintaining the value of the property.

PVC windows can boast an excellent eco-balance

PVC windows are 100% recyclable and therefore save resources. 40% of all the world’s gas and oil reserves are used to heat and supply buildings with energy, while only 4% goes to the production of plastics, of which only 1% is used for PVC. In addition to being recyclable, the durability and low level of pollution during the production of PVC profiles help create an excellent eco-balance and contribute to environmental protection. PVC windows last much longer than wooden windows and consume significantly less energy during the production process.

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