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The Difference Between Double-Glazed and Triple-Glazed Carpentry

If you are reading this text, you have probably wondered at some point in your life what is the difference between double and triple glass. It is very important to choose the type of glass that suits you because carpentry changes almost every 20 to 25 years. The most important thing is that you are satisfied with your choice and that you enjoy every day spent in your house.

So, what is the difference between double and triple-glazed joinery?

KÖMMERLING with double glazing

KÖMMERLING with double glazing is performed as a 70 mm system.

I moved into my old house over 40 years ago. Everywhere at that time, there were single-glazed windows and usually wooden doors that had no insulation at all. I just came back from six months in Norway and decided I wanted triple-glazed windows, the whole double-glazed thing hadn’t started then and it was another five years before this became the norm.

Double-glazed windows system

Now I live in a home where almost nothing heats up and blocks out all sound from the outside I also put insulation in the cavity between the brick walls. The rest of the world is catching up now and we are just starting to use triple-glazed windows, I get great joy when the window fitters knock on my door saying they are installing just around the corner so if I want to get in start being able to tell them I already have it.


  • Price


  • Weaker thermal insulation
  • Weaker sound insulation

KÖMMERLING with triple glazing

KÖMMERLING with triple glazing is available as 88 mm and 76 mm systems.

I went with triple glazing and noticed a huge difference in my neighbors who went with double glazing. I would definitely recommend triple glazing. I also live in a cold climate and in a strong wind on a hill. Last winter I sat at our window during a blizzard and didn’t feel the slightest draft. It was incredible. Absolutely worth the extra money.

The experience of a satisfied customer

You can see more about these systems HERE.

Advantages of triple-glazed windows

  • 15% more thermal insulation
  • 10% better sound insulation

Disadvantages of triple-glazed windows

  • Price
  • Weight

Triple glass without quality construction around the glass is waste. Quality windows with double panes will change the environment in the house.

Triple-glazed windows system

In the end, the choice mostly depends on the climatic area in which you are located. Colder climate areas require higher energy efficiency of windows, because heating the rooms takes a lot of energy. In our moderately continental climate, triple-glazed windows are very cost-effective, because we heat our homes for more than 5 months a year due to the cold outside. Savings on windows during installation will bring higher energy costs during the heating period.

This is the difference between double-glazed and triple-glazed joinery.

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