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KÖMMERLING Hybrid Systems

KÖMMERLING Unity convinces with its cubic design. With an installation depth of 76 mm, it is suitable for both new construction and renovation. The KÖMMERLING Unity overall system includes the KÖMMERLING 76 Unity window and door system and the KÖMMERLING PremiDoor 76 Unity lift-and-slide system.

Window and door systems

KÖMMERLING 76 Unity – Clean design meets technical requirements. 76 mm construction depth with frame recess up to 70 mm are the best prerequisites for optimal waterproofing of buildings.

KÖMMERLING 76 Unity standard – New generation

KÖMMERLING 76 Unity standard

Do you believe that opposites should perfectly attract and complement each other?

We developed our new window and door system just for people like you: KÖMMERLING 76 Unity is the perfect solution, in which plastic and aluminum materials are developed into a hybrid system in a common way using synergy.

KÖMMERLING 76 Unity is a new generation, which perfectly combines all the innovations and technological advantages of a modern window and door system. You will get a solution that represents the best in every aspect – from its visual appeal, through its stability, all the way to its outstanding insulating properties – and not only for your new building, but also for your future renovation.

You can learn more about this system HERE.

PremiPlan Plus

PremiPlan Plus – The ultimate threshold system for maximum freedom from barriers with a high degree of accessibility, for installation at ground level at zero millimeters

This threshold system also builds on the standard threshold. By using special additional parts and bearing profiles made of structural material, the threshold is installed at the ground level of zero millimeters from the inside and outside. EVALON-coated connection angles and stainless steel connection plates, specially designed for the system, allow professional connection of flexible waterproofing panels and installation of water channels.

The parallel retractable floor seal is the main component of a multi-stage and continuous sealing concept that achieves maximum results using specially developed structured parts. The modular design of the system enables efficient production and installation.

PremiPlan Plus can be used with KÖMMERLING 76 Unity, double and center seal, as well as KÖMMERLING 88 center seal for residential and patio doors.

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