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Features of KÖMMERLING Sliding Systems

Discover a completely new life experience. KÖMMERLING offers you a premium system of sliding doors and windows that provide more comfort in the house and more light with modern energy and architectural benefits. Whether it’s a village or an urban environment – with KÖMMERLING sliding systems, enhance the space where you live.

KÖMMERLING sliding systems

Light opening – as if they are floating.

Fresh scents of spring. Let them in. KÖMMERLING sliding systems have innovative mechanisms that open doors that seem to slide on air. Large glass surfaces open almost silently. Vitalizing air flows inside, giving a natural feeling of a good climate.

KÖMMERLING sliding systems

Large installation heights

Pleasant, bright, and bathed in the sun – The sliding system allows you to enjoy the overall panorama of summer. The stable design allows for large, floor-to-ceiling glass surfaces with slim lines of sight. Your living room gets the greatest possible views with an environment full of light.

More comfort

The true values of KÖMMERLING sliding systems come to the fore with the first autumn storms. Top quality is manifested with an innovative sealing system and perfectly matching levels. This ensures resistance to wind, wind-driven rain, and external noise.

High energy savings

Large glass surfaces, yet energy efficient. It enables exactly that, with its thermal insulation. Compared to conventional systems, thermal insulation can be improved by up to 32%. These are valuable energy savings.

KÖMMERLING sliding systems

Why KÖMMERLING sliding systems

Sliding door profiles provide an attractively striking appearance – thanks to their slanted edges on both sides of the profile. Metal reinforcements together with the central part of the sliding system equipped with a functional full-length aluminum handle enable the realization of even the largest sliding elements, providing efficient statics.

There are also different wing profiles for different installation conditions to make sure that you can enjoy the largest possible sliding door that your dimensions allow – in terms of height and width. A completely new comfort tailored to you.

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