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KÖMMERLING – Premium Brand – History

At first glance, windows and window profiles look very similar! However, a closer look, for example when you are considering buying a new window, will reveal that their characteristics are significantly different.

How did it all begin?

KÖMMERLING, a manufacturer of window systems, enjoys an outstanding reputation for its high-quality products and advanced technologies. In the first years of its long history, the KÖMMERLING company produced adhesives and synthetic rubber. In 1957, it started with the production of blinds, and in 1967, with the production of high-quality PVC window systems.

Decades of know-how are involved in the production of window systems and KÖMMERLING is rapidly growing into a leading manufacturer of window systems. The latest generation of windows and doors, KÖMMERLING, sets unique standards.


It combines comprehensive knowledge, decades of research and development, state-of-the-art computer design and simulation, and countless tests. KÖMMERLING reflects our commitment to offer customers best-in-class window systems.

How does light affect our life?

Light is essential for human survival. It makes us happy and improves our sense of well-being. That is why bright, friendly interiors are an important aspect of an ideal living environment.

KÖMMERLING helps you fulfill your dream of light-bathed living space with a pleasant atmosphere. Innovative window technology enables the production of large window openings and improved static stability with functional state-of-the-art glass.


It optimally uses sunlight to reduce heating costs even at low outside temperatures.

KÖMMERLING The energy-saving window.

Saving energy makes sense. It saves you money and is also good for the environment. Ideally, saving energy should be easy, fun, and convenient.

KÖMMERLING is a completely new generation of window systems that meets all requirements. The energy-saving function works by itself, with a perfectly elegant design.

Three aspects play an important role in window thermal insulation: thermal insulation of the window frame, insulating glass with glass spacers and the connection between the window and the wall.


In combination with an aluminum static profile (AluClip Pro) or in a glued variant, KÖMMERLING can be installed without any metal reinforcement, either in the wing or in the stud.

The insulation chamber is filled with foam to improve the thermal insulation effect.

The window of tomorrow.

Those who choose KÖMMERLING when building or renovating a home, make a safe decision in advance, because the latest generation of windows, due to their high quality, will allow you to enjoy them for years to come.

At the same time, by choosing the KÖMMERLING system, you assume comprehensive responsibility. High energy savings, timeless elegance and long-lasting quality are decisive factors. They increase the value of your property and create long-term comfort and stability for your family.


KÖMMERLING is the best system in its class. It is a unique, universal system that is available in practically countless variations. It offers completely new design possibilities in creating a sustainable living space for people who are building or renovating their home, architects and investors.

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