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VariNova Blind Systems

VariNova blind systems are a real refreshment and surprise on the market. In the following, we will present and describe these systems.

VariNova vanjska PVC kutija

VariNova extension box

The VariNova additive is used in new and old buildings together with PVC, aluminum and wooden external frames. Adapted to installation conditions, the additional box can be opened in the interior of the room or on the cover at the bottom. The element can then be plastered from the outside or inside.

In addition, the additional box is suitable for all installation conditions in new and old buildings, and its thermal insulation properties meet the requirements of the German Energy Saving Act EnEV.

Outer panels, inner panels and connecting profiles are hollow chamber profiles made of PVC. Individual color schemes and adaptations to wooden windows can be chosen from a suitable range of aluminum and PVC panels. All our profiles show exceptional resistance to light and weather conditions and are completely recyclable.

One big advantage is VariNova in the form of a protective screen that can be additionally put into the box at any time without any further modifications. The box can be additionally put inside and on the bottom and adapted to the environment on site. In addition, the VariNova provides a very easy fit to all commercial outer frames and accepts a retrofit cover after a slight twist.

Characteristics of the VariNova system

  • Compact design.
  • The slanted water drain safely directs moisture to the outside.
  • A large selection of laminate colors.
  • The mosquito net is easy to install and subsequently install.
  • The outside and inside can be plastered.
  • Both internal and lower upgrades are possible.
  • It is easy to clean and requires little maintenance.
  • Robust white surface suitable for PVC windows.
  • It complies with the specifications according to ENEV.
  • All PVC profiles are stabilized with environmentally friendly “greenline” calcium and zinc instead of lead.

VariNova blind systems are located HERE.