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Economical, immutable, and unsurpassed flexible blind system.

Modular concept

  • Exceptional flexibility and economy thanks to the modular concept: Basic element with corresponding, individually applicable system components.
  • Variants of 24 cm boxes – for everyone
    Wall constructions: monolithic construction, composite thermal insulation systems, and core-insulated buildings.
  • Height of 2 boxes: 25 cm and 29 cm
    Box depths from 24 cm to 42 cm in 2 cm increments are standard.
  • Custom-made box construction with well-designed system components:
    • External panels in 2 thicknesses – 10 mm for composite systems for thermal insulation,
    • 28 mm (standard width) especially for monolithic masonry. execution
    • interior according to requirements for thermal insulation, oriented towards structural and thermal engineering
    • optimal window positioning.
  • Versatile and detailed designs are possible without any problems – e.g. versions with an internal view for multi-floor buildings, room-closed boxes for luxury residential buildings and passive houses, or half-shell boxes for core-insulated walls. Openings of different heights are also feasible.
  • If desired, the boxes can be equipped with a ventilation system.
  • Special head parts with integrated mounting plates for all common drive units allow the use of all drive types and even a subsequent change of drive type without any effort.
  • With a module to support both
    An efficient insulation unit has been created on the sides, which will also meet future requirements for thermal insulation.
  • Small quantities without additional costs: Thanks to the modular system, we can produce only a few elements (total length 6 m) at attractive prices.
  • Good sound insulation can be improved by the additional use of heavy films, steel covers or sound absorbers.
LEHR Blackline parts

Installation situation


  • Masonry: > 320 mm
  • Box width: 280 mm
  • Box height: 290 mm
  • Depth of the rolled space: 205 mm


  • Masonry: 360 mm
  • Frame width: 260 mm
  • Box height: 290 mm
  • Depth of the rolled space: 205 mm


  • Masonry: > 300 mm
  • Frame width: 260 mm
  • Frame height: 250 mm
  • Depth of the rolled space: 185 mm


Non-resistant insulation inside WLG 031 Outer and inner panels are standard 25 cm or 29 cm high. Outer plate 28 mm (standard) – alternatively 10 mm.

Box depth from 24-42 cm, variable, available in 2 cm increments Standard depth of rolling space: 20.9 cm – from

Masonry width 26 cm – can depend on it

The type and height of the curtain can be changed.

The depth of the rolled space of 18.9 cm is possible for masonry of 24 cm.

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