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KÖMMERLING 76 AD and MD Systems

KÖMMERLING 76 AD and MD systems are systems with side and middle gaskets. Find out more about the peculiarities of these systems and their application in the following text.

KÖMMERLING 76 profile

KÖMMERLING 76 AD is uncompromisingly good. It offers all the benefits of modern windows, from design to function, from insulation values to environmental protection.


  • High thermal insulation values
    Uf – value = 1.1 W/(m^2K)
  • Modern chamber design
    Chambers are designed based on the latest calculation methods. To ensure high values of heat and sound insulation, as well as optimal stability and strength of the profile to hold even the heaviest glazing.
  • Dimensional stability
    A special support keeps the metal reinforcement in the correct position
  • Reliable functionality
    The load-bearing parts of the profile exposed to the load are connected multiple times to the walls of the profile. They are additionally thickened and have special slots for screws in the main bearing areas.
  • Glazing
    a large range of glazing from 48mm to triple glazing or special glasses.
  • Adaptable and simple installation
    Windows from the system can be installed with mounting steel dowels in addition to classic mounting anchors. Installation is fast, clean and safe.
KÖMMERLING 76 AD i MD systems

Available colors

  • Classic white
    White that never loses its appearance due to the high-quality PVC material. A material that is resistant to extreme atmospheric conditions and has a smooth shiny surface. In addition, it is very easy to maintain.
  • UniBoje foils
    This laminated film gives color to your building.
  • Foils with wood pattern
    Wood decor laminated film with a woody surface structure combines a natural look with the high resistance of PVC. It eliminates the need for painting and gives your home a rustic look.
KÖMMERLING 76 AD and MD systems

Differences between AD and MD KÖMMERLING 76 profiles

KÖMMERLING 76 AD and MD have the same features that they provide from the various colors that are offered to the quality workmanship that adorns them.

The KÖMMERLING 76 MD system of central gaskets offers all the advantages that modern windows can provide. This central sealing system with six chambers and a construction depth of 76 mm offers a fascinating combination of modern design and perfect profile proportions.

Whether it is about function, structural properties, insulation values, environmental protection, or value preservation, it meets the requirements today, and above all tomorrow. The KÖMMERLING 76 central sealing system is such an innovative design that it can take modern triple glazing or special functional glazing with glasses up to 50 mm thick.

Thanks to intelligent fastening technology, professional installation is quick, clean and effortless. Replacing old windows with new modern KÖMMERLING 76 double seal systems couldn’t be easier.

KÖMMERLING 76 AD and MD systems

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