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KÖMMERLING Carpentry Production Technology

KÖMMERLING is constructed and designed using advanced computer simulation technologies and achieves the highest insulation values and reliable functionality with the most optimal use of materials.


Instead of lead, only ecological stabilizers based on Ca-Zn (calcium-zinc) are used in the production process. With the proEnergyTec profile, only ecological insulating filling is used, and during recycling, the foam and PVC can be neatly separated.

Keyword: “recycling”: at the end of the life cycle, old windows are used to make new ones. Our Recycle initiative ensures a sustainable cycle of material use.


Alu – PVC technology

If you prefer the look of aluminum, but don’t want windows and doors without the excellent heat insulation and sound insulation of PVC, we have just the thing for you! KÖMMERLING combines the advantages of both materials. AluClip, AluClip Pro and AddOn are three innovative material combinations.


Aluminum cladding combines an elegant aluminum design with an almost unlimited choice of colors and optimal thermal insulation of the modern KÖMMERLING PVC profile system.


AluClip Pro

AluClip Pro plays a static function which is usually achieved by metal reinforcement inside the wing profile. So with AluClipPro, you don’t need metal reinforcement. This also improves the thermal insulation properties of the window.

AluClip Pro


AddOn aluminum sash-to-sash has a modern design with an optional glass-protected louver system on the outside of the window – where it has its full function. This ensures maximum integrated comfort, and the additional glass surface improves heat and sound insulation.


Your KÖMMERLING offers many design options.

In the future, there will be a huge variety of architectural styles. KÖMMERLING offers excellent creative freedom to design a house that reflects your personal choice. Aesthetic lines and materials with an exclusive look – plus new window systems – allow the incorporation of modern and classic features to give your building a unique character.

There are many fascinating surfaces available for both white and colored window profiles. The entire range of foils offers a choice between wood textures, plain or metallic colors on the outside – with neutral white as the interior color – or foil on both sides.

Types of designs

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