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Your Exclusive KÖMMERLING Door

The KÖMMERLING range also includes entrance doors, utility doors, balcony and terrace doors, and sliding-tilt doors (on a statue). These are all-in-one solutions, with the harmonization of design and technology.

Features of KÖMMERLING doors

KÖMMERLING residential doors give your home a distinctive character and offer maximum burglary protection for your safety and security. A variety of surfaces, colors, decorative and functional glazing options, door panels and additional functions will ensure that your future guests feel welcome whenever they walk through the door.


Attractive appearance

Linear design with perfect profile proportions.

Perfect multi-chamber construction

The geometry of the profile is designed with optimal isothermal characteristics, calculated according to the latest methods, for exceptional thermal insulation, sound insulation and optimal stability of the profile.

High functional reliability

Maximum dimensioned metal reinforcements and welded corner connectors guarantee reliable function and higher static stability.

Glazing options

The deep glazing rebate allows the use of triple glazing, special functional glazing or door panels up to a thickness of 56 mm.


Professional compounds

Threshold connectors ensure a perfect assembly and tight sealing between the frame and the threshold.


The door can be opened inward or outward with optional aluminum trim.

For extreme mounting situations

Aluminum gutters and a set of cushions in the seam provide additional protection against wind-borne rain.


Your right choice

KÖMMERLING door systems contain many special technical features. They guarantee high security, excellent thermal insulation, excellent sound insulation and very stable statics.

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