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Why You Should Choose PREMIDOOR 88

Doors and windows form part of your living space and your personal living environment. Therefore, you should pay full attention to your decision for the right door system. Find why PREMIDOOR 88 is the right choice for you in the text below.

Premium elevator/sliding door system.

PremiDoor 88 allows you to experience a completely new feeling for life. Whether it’s green nature or the urban skyline, large glazed areas remove the boundaries between and inside. PremiDoor 88 is a completely new design of lifting/sliding doors.

PREMIDOOR 88 structure

With maximum convenience of opening and closing, excellent insulation values, and aesthetic architectural elegance. Impermeable to driving rain, wind, and external noise – here again, the PremiDoor 88 presents a convincing series of outstanding performance properties. PremiDoor 88 has an innovative sealing technology that embodies perfect interaction on three levels.


  • High-profile stability from floor to ceiling up to 2.90 m.
  • Excellent heat transfer coefficient Uf = 1.2–1.3 W / (m²K), an optional UD value of max 0.8 W / (m²K) is possible.
  • The barrier-free transition from inside to outside – WPC threshold with high insulation
  • Reliable functionality, great ease of management, easy to open and close as if gliding through the air
  • Three sealing levels ensure optimal protection against wind, rain, and external noise.
  • Aluminum covers for almost unlimited color potential

Maximum life comfort – perfect energy balance

The desire for larger, undivided glass surfaces and greater openness continues. At the same time, it is important that you adhere more and more
strict regulations on energy saving. To meet both requirements, it is made of an innovative 88 mm profile.

PREMIDOOR 88 structure

This profile system is characterized by a large construction depth, which enables high stability and excellent insulation values, as well as a wide range of glazing. In addition, PremiDoor 88 offers you all the design possibilities.

From noble aluminum shells for an almost unlimited variety of colors to finishing techniques, such as anodizing and powder coating in all available RAL colors, to high-quality plastic foils in plain colors and attractive wooden decors.

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