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Why Should You Choose Aluminum Windows?

Is it time to replace your existing windows? Whatever style or color you’re looking for, it can probably be found in an aluminum frame. Aluminum windows are becoming more and more popular. They may not be the cheapest choice, but you’ll save on heating costs, there’s no maintenance, and it’ll be a long time before you need to think about replacing your windows again. With light frames and more glass, you will make the most of the incoming light and ensure the best view from your windows. Aluminum windows also provide heat and sound insulation, protecting you from the cold and blocking traffic noise. They are also a ‘green’ choice as aluminum is almost 100% recyclable; not that it will be a problem because the frames can last up to thirty years.

Building with aluminum windows

Aluminum windows prevent heat loss

Modern aluminum windows have energy class A. This is achieved by using a thermal barrier inside the frame that ensures that warm and cold air remains on the appropriate side of the window. This barrier is installed during the construction of the window frame, and special seals are used in the fals areas to ensure that the frame is hermetically sealed. Heat loss with an aluminum window is very small, and drafts will be a thing of the past.

Combine this with energy-saving double glazing and your home will be warm and cosy, while your heating bills will be reduced.

Low maintenance costs

Lightweight frames can make aluminum windows look delicate. This is far from the case. Aluminum is extremely strong and durable in use. Windows are the part of the house most likely to be affected by temperature fluctuations and bad weather. Aluminum windows can withstand wind and rain better than wood or PVC and will not be damaged by UV rays.

Your new windows will be virtually maintenance-free as they are highly resistant to rust and corrosion.

You have many fashionable choices

Aluminum frames can be used to make many different window styles. Choose the style that best suits your property. Replace flat casement or casement windows with matching aluminum windows that match your home or will blend in if you are not replacing all the windows at the same time. For a contemporary home, choose elegant and modern sliding windows. Does your house currently have old steel windows that let in drafts and are a security nightmare? Replace them with ultra-slim aluminum frames that keep the style while removing the hassle. In a house with oddly shaped windows, aluminum frames are an ideal choice because they can be shaped to fit that arched or round window.

Your window frames will be painted according to your requirements. Painting is done before assembling the frame and installing the thermal barrier. There are over 200 colors available, and you can choose to have the entire frame painted in one color or to have different colors for the inside and outside. Double glazing is standard for frames, but it doesn’t have to be simple. From stained glass to Georgian bars and even leaded glass, your home can be as individual as you are.

Aluminum windows are practical and attractive. There are styles to suit every property, designed to the highest energy-saving standards. Apart from their great looks, they will also improve the security of your home with multiple locking systems as standard. Whatever you’re looking for in your new windows, aluminum windows have it covered.

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