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How to Take Carpentry Measurements

Learn how to correctly take the measurements of the joinery according to which we will make your joinery. In addition to the dimensions of the joinery that you need to deliver to us, you also need to deliver:

  • the type of profile you want to install (Kömmerling 76, 88. 76MD …)
  • type and layering of the glass to be installed (double-layered, triple-layered, …)
  • do you want films, blinds, etc.

To measure you need:

  • meter,
  • pencil and
  • paper

It is very important to know that the carpentry is measured on the inner parts of the window in three points as follows:

To measure the width of the window, use a tape measure to measure the distance between the left and right sides of the window frame in three steps:

  • first at the top of the window/door frame then
  • at the bottom of the frame i
  • finally, measure in the middle of the window/door frame

Repeat the same procedure when measuring the height of the window frame or the height of the door.

First, measure the height on the right side of the window/door frame, then on the left, and finally measure the height of the window/door frame in the middle.

These three measurements of width and then height are made because the window/door frame is not always the same dimensions at each measured point.

You need paper and a pencil to write down the measured dimensions: the width and height of the window.

Sketch the window freehand

The best way to write down the measured dimensions is to sketch the window on paper and write down the dimensions you measured in the appropriate places where you measured. In this way, the window maker will know exactly what you measured and how the window should look.

Example of a sketch: A sketch with entered measurements for a window in the living room

Do not stress that your sketch looks like a work of art, it is only important that it is clear to you and that it is legible and clear to the one who makes the joinery. These are the basic things when you want to take the measurements of carpentry.