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Can It Be Drilled Into a PVC Window Frame?

When you have PVC double glazing installed in your home, you may want to dress up your new windows with curtains, blinds, or netting for privacy. However, you may be wondering, is it okay to drill frames to decorate your windows?

There are many advantages to choosing uPVC double glazing; Last but not least, windows provide excellent insulation and are a very cost-effective choice compared to timber or aluminum framed glazing options.


uPVC stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. It is most often used in double glazing because it is known for its high quality, good performance, and low maintenance costs. Installing PVC double glazing is a good choice that will give you years of good service, but will drilling the frame cause problems?

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Drilling holes in your PVC window frames

The simple answer to the question of whether you can drill holes in uPVC windows or door frames is yes. You can hang curtains or install blinds that need to be attached to your window frames using screw fittings.

However, it would help if you were careful when drilling holes in the frames so as not to damage the structural integrity of your window frames.

For safety and precision, you should drill a small pilot hole in the frame. Most PVC profiles are 60 to 70mm, so using a 40mm screw should prevent it from going through the frame and out the other side. Make a pilot hole 1 mm smaller than the size of the screw you intend to use, so that the screw is firmly planted in the frame.

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For PVC window frames, the screw that experts recommend using is a self-tapping screw. Self-tapping screws are designed to sink into the hole they create and tighten into.

Be sure to use screws that are shorter than the depth of your PVC window frame. This will prevent any damage to the other side of the frame.

Windows reinforced with steel

PVC window frames will contain steel reinforcements inside. Steel reinforcements help make your windows stronger and sturdier. They give PVC frames a lot of structural integrity and longevity.

When installing the window coverings, you can carefully drill through the steel frames if necessary. However, care must be taken not to compromise the quality of these frames and structural integrity.

Before you drill holes in your window frames, it may be worth considering alternative options for hanging curtains or installing curtains that don’t involve damaging your window frames.

Your double-glazed window installer will be aware of the internal structure of your chosen brand of window and will be able to advise on the suitability of window decoration and the positioning of drilled holes so as not to compromise the structural integrity of your window frames.

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Use the right drill bit

Installing blinds or curtains on your PVC window frames can seem daunting, but it’s relatively easy as long as you have the right tools.

You will need an electric drill with a 3mm drill bit, tape measure, spirit level, and pencil to mark the UPVC frame, fittings, and hardware for your blinds or curtains.

Drilling into a reinforced steel PVC frame is not the same as drilling a hole in a wooden window frame. Don’t try to use a wood drill, because you won’t get very far!

For your power drill, you will need a high-speed steel metal drill bit. Start by first drilling a small pilot hole. Make sure the size of the drill bit you use is slightly smaller than the screws you will be using to install the window coverings.

Follow these tips and the installation guide that came with your curtains or blinds and you’ll be able to customize your windows to suit your needs.