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The Main Advantages of Sliding Doors

From great space savings to allowing easy access between rooms, sliding doors offer numerous advantages for both domestic and commercial properties. Whether for internal or external entrances, sliding doors can be both a practical and attractive addition to any home, and sliding door hardware can even be fitted to cupboard or wardrobe doors for convenience.

Sliding doors in the modern house

With a rich history dating back to the Roman Empire, sliding doors have since evolved into an affordable and robust option for everyone. Here are some of the main benefits…

Save space

One of the most obvious advantages of sliding doors is their space-saving properties. Where hinged doors require space to open, sliding doors operate laterally. This makes them ideal for use in smaller rooms where space is at a premium, as well as for wardrobes and cupboards. The range offered by Nurkovic includes a number of products that are perfectly suited for this use.

The side-to-side operation also allows for a wider approach, which can be useful when moving large items from room to room during a move or renovation. Entire wall partitions between rooms using sliding doors give you the option of creating two smaller, intimate spaces or one large one – ideal for entertaining.

Lightweight construction

By introducing large, glass doors into the room, maximum light filtration is opened, creating an airy and bright atmosphere. Related to the point above, glass doors also offer the illusion of more space (much like large mirrors), especially when used as a patio door or other outward-facing door.

Worker setting up the sliding door

Inviting light in this way helps to reduce electric bills by keeping the lights off later in the evening, and also adds value to your home with a desirable design feature. Even when used indoors, additional light helps to open up rooms, giving the illusion of space.

Design benefits

Sliding doors are not only a great practical feature, but also provide a number of aesthetic benefits. With a wide range of styles and designs available, sliding doors come in a range of types, including those that can open with rounded corners, fold over or slide straight for a choice of looks.

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