RolaPlus – external PVC box

  • Robust surface suitable for PVC-U windows.
  • Advanced system technology with a hinged, easily accessible lid.
  • Simple cleaning and easy maintenance.
  • Thermal insulation.
  • Sound insulation.
  • Windows can be securely attached to the lintel.
  • Concealed vertical outer panel.
  • Fast workshop and on-site installation.
  • The profiles consist of lead-free PVC-U, stabilized with ecological calcium and zinc.


A new building is an investment in the future and should therefore be well planned. If you want to fully enjoy the four walls you are building for yourself, you should incorporate your needs for comfort, your personal lifestyle and the highest possible reliability into your plans from the very beginning. This includes, among other things, the installation of PVC-U blinds.

The front box presents a robust weather-resistant surface, harmonizes well with PVC-U windows and at the same time increases the thermal insulation of the window element.

The RolaPlus front box is ideal for all installation conditions. Regardless of whether on single skin, composite or externally insulated walls. The front box can be installed directly on the window or as a separate component on the facade. Its vertical outer panel can be plastered, making its installation almost invisible, so the element can be integrated to optimal effect in new buildings. Front-mounted roller shutter boxes can easily be retrofitted into renovated buildings.

And especially at night, external blinds will allow you to feel the improvement of heat retention. Also, well-insulated PVC-U windows can cause condensation when temperatures drop at night. And especially at that time, closed blinds help to improve thermal insulation by about 25%.