PremiDoor 88 Lux AluClip

  • High profile stability from floor to ceiling up to 2.90 m.
  • Outstanding heat transfer coefficient of average U value = 1.4 W / (m²K).
  • Large area, fixed glazing without sashes with glass up to 54 mm thick.
  • Barrier-free transition from inside to outside – WPC threshold with high insulation.
  • Reliable functionality, great ease of management, easy to open and close as if gliding through the air.
  • Three sealing levels ensure optimal protection against wind, rain and external noise.
  • Aluminum exterior, neutral white interior.
  • An almost unlimited choice of aluminum cladding colors thanks to finishing techniques such as anodizing and powder coating.
  • Conservation of resources by using only a minimum amount of aluminum.
  • Easy to clean, durable and robust.
  • Channels for deep installation hide the fasteners of the elements.
  • All PVC-U profiles are produced with lead-free stabilizers based on calcium and zinc.


This PVC-U sliding door with sliding aluminum panels combines the benefits of both materials in one structural element. The external aluminum cladding offers almost unlimited possibilities in color design, while the internal PVC-U profiles ensure low maintenance, high dimensional stability and reliable functionality.

With its PremiDoor 88 Lux AluClip, KÖMMERLING can now satisfy one of the key architectural requirements: an even larger glazed area. Fixed glazing now no longer needs a sash profile. External glazing can be incorporated into filigree aluminum beads. The result cannot fail to convince in terms of energy savings and aesthetics. A larger glazed surface achieves higher solar energy gains. More light, more warmth, more design – and consequently a greater feel-good factor and more naturalness in your living environment.

PremiDoor 88 Lux AluClip is a completely new design of lifting / sliding doors. With maximum convenience of opening and closing, excellent insulating values ​​and aesthetic architectural elegance. Impermeable to driving rain, wind and external noise – here too the PremiDoor 88 Lux AluClip presents a convincing series of outstanding performance properties.

There is one sustainable trend in architecture: the desire for ever larger, continuous glazed surfaces and greater openness. At the same time, these areas must meet increasingly strict requirements for energy saving. To meet both of these requirements, the PremiDoor 88 Lux AluClip consists of an innovative 88 mm profile. This profile system is characterized by a large construction depth that promotes high stability, excellent insulation values ​​and a wide range of glazing up to 54 mm for special functional glazing.

This system also sets an example from an environmental point of view – the KÖMMERLING brand is the first key global manufacturer to produce profiles not only with sanding grinders in a pristine PVC-U window, but also exclusively with lead-free PVC with “green” stabilizers based on calcium and zinc. This guarantees that those who use KÖMMERLING products are also working to protect the environment.