Naxos shutter system

  • Protects from sunlight.
  • Provides effective protection against wind, weather and heat.
  • An air cushion between the window and the French shutter keeps noise outside.
  • Protection against forced entry.
  • Wide range of plain colors and wood grains.
  • The greatest variability of built-in coverings and slats. Variants with closed or inclined slats and in ventilation positions are possible.
  • Cladding boards and sheets are also possible to exclude light.
  • Available in the form of hinged, French and sliding blinds for old and new buildings.
  • The blind can be placed directly on the window or wall.
  • High stability thanks to metal reinforced hinges.
  • All profiles are produced with environmentally friendly calcium-zinc stabilizer “greenline”.


The French screen NAXOS gives your home that special southern charm. You have a wide range of colors and many interesting wood laminates to help you make the right choice – exactly to your taste, just as you imagined it.

KÖMMERLING French blinds are made of the special properties of the PVC-U material. They are particularly easy to maintain with long-lasting durability. In addition to the perfect protection of your privacy, French blinds can offer you much more: protection from the wind.