Boarded shutter system Grado

  • Protects from sunlight.
  • Provides effective protection against wind, weather and heat.
  • An air cushion between the window and the hinges keeps the forest out.
  • Protection against forced entry.
  • Wide range of plain colors and wood grains.
  • Simple cleaning and easy maintenance.
  • Boarded shutter system with a closed surface, in a rustic design, for optimal light reduction.
  • Available in the form of hinged boards or hinges for old and new buildings.
  • Shutter lock with fuse. Optionally with longitudinal, angular or adjustable hinges.
  • All PVC-U profiles are produced with environmentally friendly calcium-zinc stabilizer “greenline”.


There are things whose creation is simply good, like the boarded shutter system. The original form of Grado has not lost its function to this day. Rustic on the outside, shutters with panels are ideal where optimal light exclusion is required. This is joined by other advantages that make Grado blinds a convincing alternative. The shutter lock can be equipped with an additional holder. Moreover, depending on the installation conditions, it can be installed as a French blind system in the soffit profiles of old and new buildings. With an original appearance, for optimal light emission, and a flexible structural solution like a French blind – Grado represents a perfect harmony of appearance and function.