KÖMMERLING 76 Ad offers you all the advantages of modern windows. The advertising system with five chambers and a depth of 76 mm attracts with its modern design and perfect profile proportions. From function, building physics and insulation quality to environmental protection and value preservation, it meets today’s and especially future requirements. The construction of the KÖMMERLING 76 Ad is designed so innovatively that modern triple glazing or glass for special purposes up to 48 mm thick can be installed.



Thanks to intelligent fastening techniques, installation by experts is quick, clean and effortless. Replacing old windows with new modern windows with KÖMMERLING 76 Ad is therefore a clean job.

Already as a standard design, the system meets the requirements for houses with low energy consumption -Uf -value = 1.1 W / (m²K).
. The smart overall construction significantly increases thermal and sound insulation. You profit in terms of a better quality of life, economy and safety.

You decide on the shape and color completely individually. A large selection of profiles – with flat or semi-flat or designed wings – as well as various surface designs offer many possibilities. The system is available in white, coated with wood decors, plain colors or metallic colors – foiled only on the outside, white on the inside or on both sides. In addition, KÖMMERLING 76 is available in 22 colors with the new innovative proCoverTec surface technology.

The system is also environmentally friendly: As the first major manufacturer in the world, the KÖMMERLING brand incorporates exclusively lead-free PVC with green calcium / zinc stabilizers in fresh PVC windows in addition to recycled materials. This also gives the user of the KÖMMERLING product the certainty of respecting environmental protection.

High costs and energy savings with the new highly insulating system of 76 mm – Uf -value = 1.1 W / (m²K) which is already standard.
Improving the quality of life with perfect noise protection.
More security thanks to integrated burglary protection.
It is easy to maintain thanks to its robust, weather-resistant surfaces.
Lasting values ​​due to durability and high quality.
High comfort of use and reliable functionality thanks to the most modern technology.
All PVC profiles are produced exclusively from fresh material with lead-free stabilizers based on calcium / zinc.