88 Door – opening outside

  • Modern 6-chamber design with maximum size steel reinforcement and welded corner connector for higher static properties.
  • High impermeability with a weather seal on the threshold of a barrier-free residential door with a thermal break.
  • High thermal insulation and protection against forced entry.
  • Threshold connector for precise placement and sealing on residential door thresholds.
  • Deep glazing release for modern triple glazing, especially functional glazing or residential door coverings up to 58 mm thick.
  • Maximum wing sizes
  • Residential door, single leaf 1200 x 2400 mm
  • Residential door, floating wings 1000 x 2400 mm
  • All PVC-U profiles are produced with lead-free stabilizers
    based on calcium and zinc.


Outward-opening residential doors are used for exits to commercial buildings (for security reasons) and for small entrances to private households. Design your door the way you envision it. To help you, KÖMMERLING 88 comes with a range of woodgrain, plain and metallic colours, as well as functional / decorative glazing, housing panels and accessories. Whatever you decide, the KÖMMERLING 88 residential door system always gives your guests a pleasant welcome – every time.

KÖMMERLING 88 residential door systems are characterized by a multitude of technological specialties that provide a high level of reliability, outstanding thermal insulation, excellent weather tightness and good static properties. You will always make the right decision with the KÖMMERLING 88 premium residential door system.

The residential door system provides everything needed for high-quality outward-opening residential door systems, including a modern construction depth of 88 mm. In this six-chamber system, both the inner and outer insulating chambers provide protection against cold and heat. Moreover, they show high base stability. Large steel reinforcements form a solid, closed frame. The corners of the wings are reinforced with welded corner connectors making a non-positive connection with the steel reinforcement. They absorb bending and twisting forces, e.g. from jamming attempts and deflect them through the entire surrounding steel frame.

Special hardware increases security to an even higher level. Single-leaf and multi-leaf residential doors can be produced. Thanks to its thermoplastic adaptability, this residential door can also present adjustable arches, a spectacular business card for your home.

This system also sets an example from an environmental point of view – the KÖMMERLING brand is the first key manufacturer in the world to produce profiles not only with sanding sanders in a pristine PVC-U window, but also exclusively with lead-free PVC based on “green” calcium and zinc stabilizers . This guarantees that those who use KÖMMERLING products are also working to protect the environment.