PremiSlide 76

  • PremiSlide is a new type of innovative sliding system with an installation depth of 158 mm.
  • Based on the KÖMMERLING 76 double sealing system.
  • Ideal as a sliding window, sliding door or side entrance door.
  • Standard maximum heat transfer coefficient Uf 1.4 W (m²K).
  • Triple glazing with a maximum glass thickness of 50 mm.
  • Reliable ECO SLIDE hardware system from Siegenia.
  • Intuitive, automatically responsive operation with gap ventilation function.
  • Simple and practical handling.
  • Color design options in classic PVC white and laminated in wood grain, plain and metallic colors.
  • All PVC-U profiles are produced without lead stabilizers based on calcium and zinc.


KÖMMERLING PremiSlide 76 offers a greater variety of designs – especially as a window system whose sliding function represents an interesting alternative to the tilt and turn variants. When running along its path, instead of turning inward, the wing remains firm and secure, but still offers plenty of room for modern design concepts and individual indoor comfort. This sliding system is ideal for sliding windows, sliding doors and side entrance doors, opening up a whole new world of possibilities.

PremiSlide 76 shows excellent engineering properties, e.g. Total installation depth 158 mm, sliding leaf installation depth 76 mm, five-chamber structure of its PVC-U profiles, peripheral sealing system and facility for triple glazing or ultra-modern functional glazing up to 50 mm thick. In terms of thermal insulation, PremiSlide 76 leaves a lasting impression. With a maximum Uf value of 1.4 W / (m²K) as standard and a maximum Uw value of 0.70 W / (m²K), this sliding system achieves the best energy saving value in its product class. Thin profile lines provide optimal space for the greatest possible passage of light, and thus greater profit from solar energy. The result is additional reductions in heating costs.

The carriages move gently laterally, capturing the movements of the sliding wings for optimal movement. Moreover, the KÖMMERLING PremiSlide 76 promotes efficient ventilation of the gaps, but without compromising on the reliability of the sliding sashes.

In addition to the classic white color, the system comes with colored laminates – they offer wooden, plain and metallic colors – which are applied on the outside (white interior) or on both sides.

Our green principle: additional sustainability in the form of energy-efficient window systems, lead-free stabilizers from independent materials and intelligent regrinding concepts.