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Tips for Maintaining Home Windows

Home window maintenance is one of the many vital parts of keeping your home in good condition.

Well-maintained windows not only protect the appearance of your home, but can also increase its resale value.

Poor quality windows that have holes and leaks can cause a significant increase in energy consumption, primarily during the winter and summer months.

However, keeping your home’s windows clean and airtight can help you save on your energy bills and improve working conditions.

Proper window maintenance won’t take much time, and it won’t break the bank either. If you have never done any window maintenance before, here are some tips to improve the appearance and working condition of your windows.

Windows cleaning

Clean your windows monthly

What many people don’t know is that cleaning your windows monthly can go a long way in keeping your windows looking nice and looking good. Most of the time, windows are taken for granted, and homeowners do not clean them regularly and thoroughly.

To begin the process, first go to the windows, which are usually covered with curtains, drapes, blinds, or curtains. These are usually the least maintenance windows because they are covered.

You can then start inspecting these windows in the sunlight for debris and fingerprints. Note where the most dirt is before you start cleaning the window.

Be sure to also inspect the glass for early signs of cracks. If your window glass is broken or damaged, it would be best to replace it immediately. It is often easier and cheaper to replace the iso glass instead of the entire window.

If your windows get heavy use, you may need to clean your windows once a week. Depending on your household, you may be able to go a month or two without washing them. Also, keep in mind if you live near a highway or industrial area. You may need more frequent window cleaning if this is the case.

Cleaning instructions

There are several ways to clean windows depending on the circumstances. For lightly soiled windows, spray the cleaner in an even layer over the entire window. Then gently wipe it with a soft chamois-free cloth. For heavily soiled glass windows, clean them with warm water and a few drops of a mild and gentle dishwashing detergent.

Apply this solution to the window using a clean, soft sponge, focusing on hard-to-remove areas. After scrubbing, rinse with plain water, then discard excess water. You can invest in an eraser that is commonly used for this.

Windows cleaning

Window frames

Window frame cleaning is an often overlooked part of maintenance. Most people only focus on cleaning the glass, because that’s what they see the most. However, you must remember that the window frame is what supports the glass and forms a seal when closed.

To clean the window frame, start by vacuuming up any dirt, grime, or cobwebs. Then use a sponge and all-purpose cleaner to wipe away any visible framing material.

A soft brush can be used for the outer frame to remove dirt and bird droppings. And if you have double-hung windows, be sure to take advantage of the tilt function for easy cleaning.

Opening and closing windows

Many people often have problems with opening and closing windows. This often happens when debris builds up on the track and then gets stuck in corners and holes from work. To prevent this frustration, vacuum the track frequently and clean it with a mild detergent.

Painting your windows

If your windows are an older wood style, be sure to paint the frame every year to preserve it and protect it from damage. Sunlight can make your window frame brittle, causing the paint to crack and peel. So check for signs of damage so you can figure out the correct course of action.

If you need painting, you can paint the windows with water-based paint as this reduces the likelihood of peeling. You can also use acrylic-urethane paint, which is stronger. If you have small gaps between the window and any framing material, use a durable caulk to fill the gaps. For any holes larger than a quarter inch, use expanding foam to insulate and create a waterproof barrier.

Proper lubrication

Proper lubrication can improve the performance and operation of your windows. Windows that include tracks and rollers need to be lubricated every few months to keep them running smoothly. Avoid using silicone spray to lubricate moving components as they can damage the plastic that the windows may contain. Instead, check with your manufacturer and see what they recommend. Proper lubrication will keep the parts moving smoothly and avoid jamming. If the tracks and rollers are adequately lubricated, the next thing to do is to check that the lock is properly sealed

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