76 MD AluClip Pro

PVC window systems with embedded aluminum cladding and functional aluminum profile combine the advantages of both materials in one element. Alu claddings offer an almost unlimited possibility of various colors, and inside, the plastic profile guarantees you minimal maintenance effort, the stability of the window shape, as well as a high safety function.

With the AluClip Pro system, the Alu profile is connected to the PVC profile. In this case, aluminum assumes a static function, so reinforcement inside the wing is unnecessary. On this basis, the already very good thermal insulation properties are further improved.

KÖMMERLING 76 MD offers you all the advantages of a modernly designed window. The MD system with six chambers and a depth of 76 mm impresses with its modern design and ideal profile proportion.



This system fulfills, on the basis of function, physical structure, insulation as well as environmental protection and maintaining the value of the profile, above all, all future requirements. The construction of the KÖMMERLING 76 MD is so innovative that it can be fitted with three-layer glass or functional glass with a thickness of 48 mm.

The system meets all the requirements of low consumption buildings – Uf-value = 1.1 W/(m²K). In the variant with proEnergyTec, the chambers for reinforcing the wings as well as the frames can be filled with foam – Uf value = 0.82 W / (m²K). This technology, which can later be easily recycled, achieves the highest thermal insulation values.

Intelligent construction significantly increases heat and sound insulation, which means more quality of life, economy and safety for you.

As an example, this system also has an ecological aspect: Worldwide, the KOMMERLING brand is the first significant profile manufacturer that, in addition to recycled material, exclusively uses lead-free PVC with “green” stabilizers based on calcium and zinc in window plastic. This provides the user of KOMMERLING products with the security of acting in an environmentally acceptable manner.

  • Exceptional thermal insulation compared to aluminum windows – Uf-value = 1.1 W/(m²K).
  • Flat, paneled window design with additional butt-jointed aluminum profile.
  • High static stability based on the combination of functional aluminum profiles and PVC profiles.
  • A wide range of glazing up to 48 mm with the possible installation of three-layer glass or functional glass.
  • Aluminum optics on the outside, and pure white on the inside.
  • Unlimited combination of colors of aluminum cladding with the help of finishing techniques such as anodizing and plasticizing.
  • Easy to maintain, durable and robust.
  • All PVC profiles are produced exclusively from pure materials with calcium/zinc-based lead-free stabilizers.