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Glass fiber-reinforced plastic technology eliminates the need for steel.

About KÖMMERLING proStratoTec technology

Steel reinforcements have always played an important role in the manufacture of PVC windows. The new proStratoTec technology replaces steel with glass fiber-reinforced plastic, making it superfluous.

With an innovative tri-extrusion process, virgin PVC material, regrind, and glass-fibre reinforced plastic are extruded simultaneously into a single window profile.

KÖMMERLING proStratoTec structure

The advantage for you:

Thanks to the superior thermal insulation, passive house windows according to the Dr. Feist Passive House Institute now a reality.
Wings equipped with KÖMMERLING proStratoTec are available in the KÖMMERLING 88 double and central sealing systems.

KÖMMERLING proStratoTec structure


  • Passive house window
  • Passive house certification according to the Dr. Feist Passive House Institute.
  • Weight reduction.
  • Weighs approximately 25% less compared to steel wings.
  • Thermal insulation value Uf = 0.79 W / (m²K).
  • Improved insulation value as no steel is used.
  • Standardized manufacturing.
  • No additional steps required.
  • Sustainability.
  • Intelligent recycling process.
  • All materials are reused.

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